Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finding You


Found that lost courage
write when nobody seems to understand
your hands are on you say it's a piece of paper shaped around fleshy meatings
that start fidgeting like a black fish caught in the net of Saturn
a misplaced heart whirling tweaking stroking its red tail like a stained burned straw

Found that lost trash fed up with purple memories
oh I'm released
so I can
explaining what emotions how emotions
can kill
your hand paints the desert as if it were a map of sand
when in fact
the desert sheds nothing and drops everything
on a rose camel bleeding
into a watermelon.

Found the eye
saw two eyes falling over the sunset leaving it covered drizzling tears
death singing
this silence
I'm so embarrassed to
call on you
my beloved pope
of letters gathering pictures of ice
breaking ice mountains colored
in soul.

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